Hand Pump

  • Metal Cast (India)

    Metal Cast (India)

    Manufacturers of CI Castings, India Mark, Hand Pump Cylinders & all type of Handpump, Submersible Spare Parts Etc.

     Contact Person:  Mr Shyam Babu Agarwal, Tushar Agarwal
     Telephone: +91-562-2280729
     Mobile: +91-9837327135, 9917142999
     Address: 3, Industrial Estate, Nunhai, Agra-282006
  • Aadi Nath Fabricators (INDIA)

    Aadi Nath Fabricators (INDIA)

    Deepwell Handpumps, Cylinders and Spare Part, CID Joint CI Specials

     Contact Person:  Mr. Sanjeev Kr. Jain
     Telephone: +91-562-2345332
     Mobile: +91-9897924295, 9319194295
     Address: Fact.: 11-C/868, Naraich Hathras Road, Agra, Uttar Pradesh (INDIA)