Builders & Building Contractors

  • Geeta Infratech

    Geeta Infratech

    Interior, Landscape, Building Planning, Building construction.

     Contact Person:  Mr. Amit Mittal
     Telephone: +91-562-4044845
     Mobile: +91-9917022995, 9917020022, 9917022252
     Address: B-6, Block-34/2, Near Titan Showroom Sanjay Place Agra
  • Shree Tridevi Puram

    Shree Tridevi Puram

    Deals in Shops, Flats, Real Estate, Property Sale & purchse, Building Construction & all types of property solution

     Telephone: +91-98370 06917, 98370 84060
     Mobile: +91-98370 06917, 98370 84060
     Address: Approved Colony, N.H.-2, maholi, Mathura
  • Ram Meher Infra Developers Ltd.

    Ram Meher Infra Developers Ltd.

    Builders & Contractors.

     Telephone: +91-562-4009189
     Mobile: +91-9837502244, 9837066813
     Address: Regd. Office-26/257, Sultan Ganj, Agra-282004
  • Kaanha Infratech

    Kaanha Infratech

    Kaanha Infratech today, is a strong, multifaceted, multi-disciplinary and vibrant organization, committed to delighting our customers through innovation.

     Contact Person:  Mr. K.L. Wadhwani, Mahendra Wadhwani, Mohit Wadhwani
     Telephone: +91-562-4064464
     Mobile: +91-7500014440, 7500014441, 7500014442
     Address: 201, Puneet Vrindavan, Sanjay Place, Agra, Uttar Pradesh
  • Ekta Builders & Developers

    Ekta Builders & Developers

    Builders & Developers for real estate, flats, shops, civil construction, sale or purchase propety, flats, shops and we provide a best satisfaction solution related with propety & others.

     Contact Person:  Mr. Murari Lal
     Telephone: +91-562-3209256
     Mobile: +91-9997858727
     Address: Block-42/2, B-12, Hari World Tower, Sanjay Place, Agra.
  • Shri Trivedi ji Puram

    Shri Trivedi ji Puram

    Deals in Plots, Flats, House and all types of property solution.

     Contact Person:  Mr. G.K. Trivedi
     Mobile: +91-9837006917, 9837084060
     Address: Approved Colony, N.H.-2, Maholi, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, (INDIA)
  • Madhusudan Developers Pvt. Ltd

    Madhusudan Developers Pvt. Ltd

    Deals in Sale & Purchase of ADA Approved Plots, Flats, Real Estate, Farm House & etc.

     Contact Person:  Mr. Madhusudan Sharma
     Mobile: +91-9412263331, 9415607520
     Address: Kripa-Dham Complex, Tajview x-ing, Fatehabad Road, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, (INDIA)
  • Astha Real Estate Pvt Ltd

    Astha Real Estate Pvt Ltd

    We are professionally managed Delhi Based organisation with a stable and confident business model. At Astha our knowledgeable and experienced team works closely with a trusted group of partners to provide our customers world class homes keeping in mind the strictest met when considering any land or property investment.

     Contact Person:  Mr. Ajay Kumar Agarwal (Director)
     Telephone: +91-562-4033003, (011)-43065222-6
     Mobile: +91-9997983111, 9837057222
     Address: B-154, Kamla Nagar, Agra
  • ESCO Maruti Builders Pvt. Ltd.

    ESCO Maruti Builders Pvt. Ltd.

    Deal in building projects, Flats, real estate, shops, building construction.

     Contact Person:  Mr. Rakesh Mangal
     Telephone: +91-562-3258830, 2523683
     Mobile: +91-9837090640, 9837176384, 9837009197, 9837353131
     Address: Block 118/8, Maruti Plaza IIIrd Floor, Near G.G. Nursing Home, Sanjay Place Agra, Uttar Pradesh, (INDIA)
  • Anupam Infrabuild Limited

    Anupam Infrabuild Limited

    Housing Projects, Commercial Projects, Shopping Malls, Real Estates & etc.

     Contact Person:  Mr. M.D. Shakaya
     Telephone: +91-562-4004201
     Mobile: +91-9760094045
     Address: C -1 - 2, Vikas Market , Kamla Nagar , Agra, Uttar Pradesh, (INDIA)